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Welcome to Aktios’ website!

Aktios, a colourful and vivid organisation of long-term care and rehabilitation welcomes you to the website of its Elderly Care Units proposing a special model of operation, unprecedented for Greek standards. In our Units we have a total capacity of 288 beds and we emphasize on hospitality services, nursing care and rehabilitation from falls, fractures and strokes, while we provide specialized services for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

In Aktios Elderly Care Units, we follow a Dynamic Care Model. With frequent changes in décor, depending on the time of year, lots of activities, colors, light, and music, we create hospitality spaces that are vibrant with life. We strive for each of our Units to emanate the atmosphere and energy of a kindergarten and to be a place of life and well-being rather than a conventional elderly care centre.

Aktios’ main focus is to create care spaces for seniors and people with Dementia, with a home-like environment. Spaces in which our guests feel safe and comfortable, like home, while enjoying the care of a specialized geriatric unit and a hotel-quality of life. Aktios Units are neither institutional nursing homes nor promiscuous retirement homes, but a positive attitude towards the 3rd Age. It is knowledge, expertise and the assurance of a framework for providing services to human beings and the community.

Aktios is staffed by qualified scientists and trained health professionals. The Aktios Kindergarten Approach for patients with dementia is presented at conferences and training programmes, through which its staff members are constantly gaining recognition in their field, while its Units provide a framework for training, internships, employment and visits by young scientists. We present this model of operation to experts and colleagues from various countries of the world who are interested in studying its implementation.

Aktios is constantly growing and evolving. Now, as a member of Blocks Group, the giant in the field of long-term care in Southeast Europe, we are starting a new era for long-term care and rehabilitation in our country. All of us, its people, can assure you that we will not stop getting better and at the same time, no matter how big we get, we will not stop bending over each person with the same care. We will not accomplish all of that alone, but with you. With you, we will strive to achieve the obvious every day: quality care and quality of life for those we love.


Costis Prouskas, PhD
Psychologist – Dr. Gerontologist
CEO, Aktios Group
Chief Clinical Officer Blocks Group


For any problem concerning you, your relative or friend, you can contact the staff of Aktios Elderly Care Units or visit our facilities by appointment, weekdays and weekends 09:00 - 21:00.