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Aktios’ units are consisted by special spaces full of colors, light and music.The dynamically changing decoration, along with paintings, lighting, crafts and photographs highlight the life of our residents in Aktios’ units and help them orientate in time and place. We intent Aktios has the atmosphere and energy of a kindergarten, a place full of life and health rather than a conventional elderly care unit.

In Aktios’ units employees of different areas of expertise, work towards the achievement of a holistic approach to the care of elderly residents.

The experienced licensed Nursing Directors and the specialised nursing personnel in all shifts achieve a high level nursing care on a 24 hour basis.

Our Units employ Pathologists, Geriatrists and Neurologists. Aktios also collaborates with doctors of other specialties.

The Unit is a training centre that provides education to carers of elderly people, in the context of the European Program ECVC in cooperation with CVT SBIE and the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The dynamic approach that we endorse contributes to the improvement of quality of life through a total of actions and activities of participation and occupation.

At Aktios we employ four Psychologists, two Social Workers and two Physiotherapists as full time employees and every year we train decades of volunteers-students of psychology, advisory, drama therapy and music therapy . The Director and CEO of Aktios, Dr Costis Prouskas is a chartered psychologist with a Masters degree (Msc) in Psychological Assessments in Organisations and a Doctorate degree (PhD) in Gerontology.

Aktios’ psychosocial sector organises occupational therapy groups, cognitive training and socialisation activities daily. It also coordinates the recreational activities and organises recreational activities, educational seminars and training programmes for the relatives an effort to make Aktios’ units places of wellbeing, recreation and personal growth rather than static institutions.

At Aktios there are daily occupation programmes for residents including:

  • Cognitive training groups
  • Creative occupation
  • Art Therapy (painting, clay works, collage, etc.)
  • Singing groups
  • Reality Orientation, with newspaper reading and conversation
  • Getting familiar and experiencing new technologies (internet, Wii, etc)

Groups of dance therapy, drama therapy, theatrical group and groups of exercises and games take place on a weekly basis.

Finally, every day, groups of 2 to 5 residents have the possibility of going out for coffee or dinner, visit a museum, theatre, going for a city walk, etc.

Rehabilitation is a fundamental chapter for Aktios. The units’ goal is not only to offer to residents the best accommodation but also contributes to their rehabilitation. Aktios has the equipment, expertise and human resources in coping with bone-fracture and stroke. Moreover due to our constant occupation with dementia patients our units are also very experienced in treating neurodegenerative diseases.

The equipment that our units dispose includes:

  • Electrotherapy machine with TENS streams that strengthen the therapeutic and analgesic outcome.
  • Ultrasound machine in cases of stiffness, rheumatoid diseases or after injuries and prolonged immobility.
  • Bicycle for passive exercise (particularly useful in cases that poor communication did not allow further cooperation between the patient and the physiotherapist. The speed and strength are adjustable according to the patients’ needs and offers the advantage when there is muscle spasm to reverse movement until the spasm is resolved. Additionally, there is the option of isometric motion which means that the force applied by the bike is equal and opposite to the patient’s.)
  • static bicycle for active training for a greater degree of difficulty, reinforcement of endurance, stamina and strength
  • steps and treadmill in order to retrain and maintain the patient’s mobility and gait
  • multi-purpose exercise instrument for active muscle training with dumbbells for empowerment
  • Crosstrainers for training of muscles of the legs and increase the patient’s proprioception

In a place like Aktios that loves movement and uses new technologies Wii Fit of Nintendo could not be missing. Wii detects the movement of the player and combined with the appropriate software it works interactively. In a “digital” environment in a specially designed room, our residents are able to workout, skiing, play bowling, tennis, etc. and to practice in balance. Wii is the best way to combine fun with activity especially in groups of elderly people who get easily bored and distracted.

Our unit is staffed by physiotherapists that have knowledge in mobilization using various methods for musculoskeletal events and neurological ones. At the same time the cooperation with our neurologist is very important as she actively participates with the interdisciplinary team of Aktios in the design of the rehabilitation plan. Our team always welcomes the contributions of the patient’s doctors. Aktios also works with an ergotherapist and a logotherapist in the rehabilitation frame.

Besides the personal programs, therapeutical groups of exercise are taking place daily according to our residents’ needs.

Aktios disposes specially formed gaming spaces. Through that we succeed our residents’ participation to play the games of the younger member of their family and we encourage a frequent contact with children. Our little friends and their parents could also communicate with their grandfathers and grandmothers through Skype call.

Aktios cooperates with children’s choirs and dancing groups and has participated as “internship model” in European programs that encourage the intergenerational solidarity.

We give great importance in personal hygiene and cleanliness of our residents, their room and the common areas. That is why Aktios’ units are free of unpleasant odors.

Our Nurses take care of our resident hygiene, whereas the role of the specialised cleaning personnel is also important. Aktios’ cleaning service also takes care over our residents’ laundry.

In specially shaped places we provide to our residents upon request, hairdressing, nail care, foot therapy and massage.

All the above are part of our effort in order for Aktios to cover out residents’ and their relatives’ needs for more qualitative and beautiful living.

In Aktios we cook homemade and tasty food in our kitchen! Our menu is formed according to seasons, our residents’ preferences, the greek family’s customs, the Mediterranean nutrition and international cuisine. Due to the fact that we come from different regions of Greece, our menu includes local specialties such us strapatsada and sofrito from Corfu, pork with celery from Macedonia, noodles from Peloponnesus, pies from Epirus, dakos from Crete, legumes, homemade pizzas, club sandwich, pasta and cheese soufflé etc. All the meals are accompanied by salads, vegetables, cheese and local deserts. It is also served dairy products, fruit creams and preserves, cereals, beverages, refreshments and juices, cakes and biscuits during the day.

It is always taken under consideration special care about diets and specific nutritional habits and needs. The nutrition program provides alternative menu every lunch or dinner, changes every week and is strictly checked by the Doctors and the Director of the Units concerning its quality and calorie value.

We invite you to visit our Units in one of our numerous events and taste yourselves the dishes that we and our residents eat!

Aktios, in the frame of the holistic approach that following the residents’ care and by the continuing to give emphasis to psychosocial model of intervention and to the alternatives treatment, provides the possibility in any resident that wish to take advantage of Reflexology that is practised by reputable Reflexologist.

Reflexology is a science that falls into the treatments of the so called “Alternative Medicine”. It is a supplementary method in health care which is totally harmless, painless and without side effects and leans on the auto therapeutic powers of the body so as to be succeeded the wishful activation and relaxation of the organism. That kind of intervention can be accompanied by specialised methods that aim at musculoskeletal and limbs’ problems, or by Swedish massage for muscular relaxation according to the resident’s and his/her relatives’ desire and after consultation with the specialised scientist.

We can also practised other alternative treatments such as aroma therapy and yoga.

We try for Aktios’ units to be safe places. The entrance and the exit from the units are checked and there is also a visitor’s book. The access in dangerous spaces such as common staircase is limited, whereas there are special wheelchair ramps and handicap bars through the units.

Moreover our garden’s floor is from recycling material so as to avoid falls and injuries.

Our Units have established generators that cover the lighting of the common spaces and the escape route, the call centre and the protector system, the heating and hot water as well as the our conditioning for particular spaces.

Finally, Aktios’ Units provide fire safety and a fire detection system while fire extinguishers are available in obvious spots throughout the Units.


For any problem concerning you, your relative or friend, you can contact the staff of Aktios Elderly Care Units or visit our facilities by appointment, weekdays and weekends 09:00 - 21:00.