Our Moments

On behalf of our residents and employees in “Aktios” I would like to welcome you to our “Moments”.

Our “Moments” will try to capture life in Aktios Elderly Care Unit and highlight our different look in elderly care.

The thanks for this publication belong to Aktios’ all colleagues, residents and friends that participate in the effort for innovate services and a better quality of life for our residents, namely to all of them that contribute to our fight for the self-evident.

Costis Prouskas PhD
Psychologist and Dr. Gerontologist
President and CEO


Specialization in Dementia and Interventions
Strokes and Fractures Care
Cognitive Empowerment and Assessment
Dynamic Care Model
Activities in Aktios
Physiotherapy and Exercise
Special Services
Working in Aktios


For any problem concerning you, your relative or friend, you can contact the staff of Aktios Elderly Care Units or visit our facilities by appointment, weekdays and weekends 09:00 - 21:00.