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Our Goals

All of us at Aktios know that it is not only living that matters, but to also live well. This is what we call quality of life which is easy to miss from older people lives. That is exactly what was originally – and firmly remains – our vision.

Our Philosophy

Our ambition is to be places of life and well-being, places full of energy, places of dynamic development. Not static institutions…

At Aktios, the employees, the services provided, the facilities and the surrounding area do not necessarily follow the established patterns resulting from a static and mechanical view of things. The approach to the residents and the design of their life spectrum, inside and outside the premises of our units, combine constant quality with adaptability and flexibility. Relationships and responsibilities are reviewed and redefined, depending on the situation and needs. The rehabilitative and therapeutic programme is flexible and adaptable to the personal needs and abilities of each resident, while the spaces can be changed according to their particularities or wishes. The daily diet is varied, and the seasons themselves are experienced in a different way rather than a monotonous routine of a straightforward year.

Within a structured framework that receives constant feedback from the environment, we operate flexibly. In the activities we organize, our trained partners participate either by supplementing the residents’ missing skills or by substituting them when they are completely absent. In any case, the goal for all of us is to mobilize and educate the residents so that they actively participate in all the procedures that concern them. At the same time, we pay particular attention to meeting their health needs, understanding that these needs are increased and complex. To this end, we are staffed by Specialised Staff who work in full collaboration with various Medical Specialties.

Our main concern is to maintain the home environment, a place where guests feel safe and comfortable like home, while enjoying services that ensure hotel quality of life and care of a specialized Geriatric Unit. We aim for Aktios to have the atmosphere and energy of a kindegarten, to be a place of life and well-being rather than a conventional Elderly Care Centre.

Through our recreational events, creative activities, Cognitive Empowerment Groups, Psychotherapeutic Groups, Nursing and Medical Services, the quality of our services, the renewal of the interiors, and our impeccable care and behaviour, we strive to defend the right to quality of life.

We are constantly fighting for the obvious. To ensure quality care and quality of life for our elderly residents.

We organize Training Seminars for the Employees of our Units, we keep up to date with the advances and applications of science in the field we serve, we promote and ensure communication between us through frequent Staff Groups and ongoing training. We keep our eyes and ears open at all times to achieve the best possible outcome.

You, our partners, are also our helpers in our work.  We rely on your help and support so that we can become better and of course, we are always open to new suggestions.


For any problem concerning you, your relative or friend, you can contact the staff of Aktios Elderly Care Units or visit our facilities by appointment, weekdays and weekends 09:00 - 21:00.