Aktios Alzheimer Agia Paraskevi

Aktios Alzheimer Unit specializes in the care of people suffering from dementia, a disorder that affects all mental functions of the brain.

The unit has 38 beds, a specialised staff and comfortable areas for one day use and occupation for people with dementia. The adopted care model is dynamic with an emphasis on occupation and mobilization rather than passive care.

There are groups of activities during the day, and fitness and exercise groups, while specialised physiotherapists can provide individual intervention for enhancing mobility and strengthen muscles.


Aktios Alzheimer Unit is developed on the ground floor and the first floor. The biggest advantage of the Unit is its spacious rooms, and the large common areas. Each floor of the Unit is around 680 square metres.

The decoration of the interior have a pleasant and happy tone, full of energy and life that keeps transforming throughout the year, creating positive emotions for the elderly and their relatives.

Aktios Alzheimer unit has large and elegant common areas, a lounge on every floor, two dining rooms on the second and third floor, home cinema, occupation and recreation rooms, balconies, and a garden. Furthermore, there is a dance-therapy room, pharmacy space, a physiotherapy room, with fitness equipment, library, a computer room and hairdressing space. The common areas of the Unit, and all the rooms, are air-conditioned while at the same time it is possible to make special adjustments for people with disabilities.

The garden of Aktios is painted by our residents, our relatives and colleagues, and planted with herbs of the Greek countryside. It is safe and accessible to people with difficulty in mobility while the floor is slip resistant and resilient so as to limit the consequences of a fall and bring a sense of independence and autonomy in movement.

At Agia Paraskevi’s facilities a Pathologist is employed permanently who visits the unit for 3-4 hours daily. Neurologist visits individually the residents of the unit three times a week, free of charge and works a Neurological Clinic for memory and behavior problems. Aktios collaborates with doctors of other specialties.

At Aktios are occupied three Psychologists, a Social Worker and two Physiotherapists full time and every year decades of volunteers-students of psychology, advisory, drama therapy and music therapy are trained. The Director and CEO of Aktios, Dr Costis Prouskas is a psychologist with a Masters degree (Msc) in Psychological Assessments in Organisations and a Doctorate degree (PhD) in Gerontology.

The psychosocial sector of Aktios organizes groups of occupation, exercise and mental empowerment daily. It also coordinates the entertaining events and organizes educational and training seminars as well as group of relatives’ support in trying to be the units of “Aktios” welfare, entertainment, personal development and empowerment facilities and not static institutions.

At Aktios there is a daily occupation programme for residents including:

  • Cognitive training groups
  • Creative occupation
  • Art Therapy (painting, clay works, collage, etc.)
  • Singing
  • Reality Orientation, with newspaper reading and conversation
  • Getting familiar and experiencing new technologies (internet, Wii, etc)

Groups of dance therapy, drama therapy, theatrical group and groups of exercises and games take place on a weekly basis.

Finally, every day, groups of 2 to 5 residents have the possibility of going out for coffee or dinner, visit a museum, theatre, going for a city walk, etc.

Aktios Elderly Care Unit has single, double and triple rooms with a private bathroom, a balcony, TV, air condition, and telephone that connect to a call centre.

A nurse call system next to each bed helps contact the nurses’ offices. Contacting the nurses can also be achieved with a simple lift of the handset. This can be accomplished even by patients in advanced stages of dementia, and it does not cause any difficulty to people with weak hearing or vision.

Bathrooms are also equipped with nurse call system.

  • Coming from Mesogeion Avenue, heading for Athens, turn left at the first traffic lights permitted after the square of Agia Paraskevi. The road called Epirus Street. At number 17, about 100 meters from the Mesogeion Avenue, on your left is Aktios Elderly Care Unit (former My Home).
  • Coming from Mesogeion Avenue, heading towards Agia Paraskevi, after the Nomismatokopio, you meet an EKO on your right. At the first traffic light after the EKO turn right, in Epirus Street and 100 meters on your left hand is Aktios Elderly Care Units (former My Home).
  • Coming from peripheral Hymettus towards Athens, the exit Y3 (Holargos – Agia Paraskevi). Turn left and after 50 meters you reach a gas station BP. There you turn right and follow the direction of the road for about 1500 meters. The road ends at Eleftherios Venizelos which, in the end, intersects perpendicularly Street Epirus. Turn right and at 50 meters is Aktios Elderly Care Unit.
  • Metro and Suburban: Station Nomismatokopio: Aktios is about 800 meters from the station, heading towards Agia Paraskevi. Alternatively, from Nomismatokopio take buses B5, 407 and 406 and get off at the stop Tombra, on the continent street. 50 meters up on your left is Aktios Elderly Care Unit.
  • Station Doukissis Plakentias: From Doukissis Plakentias take bus 407 and get off at the stop Tombra, on the street Ipeirou.50 meters up on your left is Aktios elderly care unit.
  • Bus: all buses serving the Agia Paraskevi: Tombra stop (after the Nomismatokopio).
    Itinerary B5: Larissa Station – Agia Paraskevi, Tombra station.
  • Route 407: Nomismatokopio Station – Station Doukissis Plakentias , Tombra station.
  • Route 406: Agia Paraskevi – Doukissis Plakentias Stop Tombra station.
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Aktios Alzheimer Agia Paraskevi

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