Aktios Odigos Vari

Aktios Odigos is located at the former training center of the Greek Guides Association, in the area of Vari in Attica. The Unit was named in honor of the Greek Guide’s Association. The Guides promote friendship, love, cooperation, readiness and excellence, ideals contained in the Aktios Dynamic Model of operation.

Aktios Odigos elderly care unit specializes:

  • In the care of people suffering from dementia, a disorder that affects all cognitive functions of the brain.
  • In the care of people who need treatment and rehabilitation services for stroke and fractures.
  • In the hospitality of elder people seeking a sheltered way of living with nursing care, medical supervision and resourceful or therapeutic activities.

Aktios Odigos is established at the former training center of the Greek Guides Association, in the area of Vari in Attica. It has a capacity of 118 beds, disposes lounges and dining rooms, physiotherapy center / gym, library, cafeteria, hairdresser, home cinema, garden and terraces with sea view. The feature of the Unit is the spacious rooms and the large common areas. The interior decor is pleasant and cheerful, full of energy and life, which changes throughout the year creating positive emotions in the elderly and their families.

“Aktios Odigos” features delightful and elegant public areas, including lounges and dining rooms, places for entertainment and activities of the residents, balconies with sea view, spacious and safe hallways and gardens. The Unit features, among others, a seminar room and wii console, a pharmacy room, library, computer area, physiotherapy center with fitness equipment and hairdressing room. All public areas and the rooms of the unit, have air conditioning and are accessible for people with disabilities.

At Vari’s facilities an Internist and a Geriatrician , visit the unit every day. A Neurologist visits the unit’s residents three times a week, free of charge. A Memory Clinic also operates at the facilities. Aktios collaborates with Doctors of other specialties as well.

Aktios’ psychosocial sector organizes groups of preoccupation, exercise and mental strength daily. It also coordinates the entertaining activities and organizes educational and training seminars as well as support groups for relatives so that «Aktios’» units will be wellfare facilities for entertainment, personal development and empowerment and not static institutions.

At Aktios there is a daily activities program for residents including:

  • Cognitive training groups
  • Creative activities
  • Art Therapy (painting, clay works, collage, etc.)
  • Singing
  • Reality Orientation, with newspaper reading and conversation
  • Familiarity and experience with new technologies (internet, Wii, etc)

Groups of dance therapy, drama therapy, theatrical group and groups of exercises and games take place on a weekly basis.

Finally, every day, groups of 2 to 5 residents have the possibility of going out for coffee or dinner, visit a museum, theatre, going for a city walk, etc.


The rooms are single, double, triple and quadruple with bathroom, balcony, TV, air conditioning, bell for internal communication within reach of each bed and bathroom and also telephone devices connected to the reception and nurses stations.

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Strokes and Fractures Care
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Aktios Odigos Vari

Evelpidon Avenue
Vari, 16672
+30 210 89 73 614 and +30 210 89 71 413