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Specialization in Dementia
and Interventions

With specialisation and interventions about dementia we suggest a new care model for Greece and Europe.

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Strokes and
Fractures Care

With the equipment, the
expertise and the well trained partners we cope with fractures and strokes.

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Cognitive Empowerment
and Assessment

With mental empowerment, assessment and activities we reinforce the place and time orientation.

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Dynamic Care

The dynamic model we follow aims at the occupation and
the mobilization of our

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Our Instances

Our Partnerships

We cooperate with service groups and educational centers in Greece, Cyprus and other countries.

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Our Events

Our News

  • Aktios Art Palace
  • Visiting Hours in Aktios
  • Day-care centre

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Operation license

Aktios Elderly Care Units functions under licence granted by the Region of Attica. It is regularly inspected from the qualified services of the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity, the Health and Care inspection Agency and the North Athens’ Directorate for Social Welfare of the Region of Attica.

Basic principles

Aktios Elderly Care Units follow specific rules of living, and principles of cohabitation that aim to improve the quality of life for our residents. All this, takes place in a dignified, and accessible to the community environment.

Our trained personnel participate in organised activities either by completing residents’ skills when these are deficient, or by developing skills when completely absent. In any case, the target of our associates is to train and stimulate the residents, so they can learn to participate in all events that are of significant to them.

At Aktios, special attention is paid to our residents’ health needs. We realize that these needs are increased and complex. For this purpose, our staff is specifically trained and often collaborates with physicians of various specialties.

During a stay at Aktios, issues of importance for the residents such as his/her individuality, dignity, independence, choice and self-fulfilment, while at the same time residents’ bio-psychological needs are also taken into account. The function of the Unit is adapted to meet these needs.

More specifically:

  • Individuality:The resident’s right to have their own private space, without disturbances, protected from any interruptions or publication of their private affairs is ensured.
  • Dignity: Residents’ individual personalities and personal needs are respected and their individual value is recognised.
  • Independence: Residents are given the opportunity to gain autonomy and independence by being encouraged to take part in activities that help them satisfy their own needs and process matters of personal interest.
  • Choice: Residents are encouraged to make choices on matters of daily living.
  • Self-fulfilment: Constant development of potential, skill and personal expectations on every aspect of daily living, inside or outside the Unit, is offered.
  • Fulfilment of bio psychological needs: Complete fulfilment of residents’ bio psychological needs with respect to individuality and particularity is ensured.

At the same time, special attention is paid to ensuring a comfortable and safe living environment for everyone.

The Dynamic Model of Elderly Care Unit

At Aktios, we embrace the dynamic model of an Elderly Care Unit that ensures the function of an innovative and flexible organisational arrangement, inside a structured framework that can evolve and can sustain constant feedback from the residents, the employees, the families and the environment.

Aktios Elderly Care Units aims to become a model of dynamic development and not an inactive – static- institution.

The personnel of the Units, the services provided, the facilities, do not emerge from a static outlook on the Units’ function. By approaching the residents and by organising their living inside and outside of the Units, we try to combine quality with adaptability and flexibility.

Relationships and tasks can be reconsidered and reassigned according to the situation and specific needs, the rehabilitation and therapeutic programme can be adjusted according to individual needs, the Unit facilities may adapt to the residents’ individuality and desires, residents’ diet may have variety, and time is experienced in a unique way and not in a routinely fashion.

An effective and supporting Elderly Care Unit provides flexibility and security to ensure the development of residents’ autonomy and independence.

The dynamic model of the Units facilitates the elderly residents and the employees, with the opportunity to develop their skills and to develop group and community spirit, creative expression and better communication with the self, through an environment which respects individuality and expression of freedom. In addition, a dynamic unit promotes autonomy by eliminating the ‘patient’ and ‘carer’ role and the logic of institutionalisation.

At Aktios, we aspire to becoming exactly that, a space full of life and energy.

Activities in Aktios

Our residents play, occupy themselves, participate, entertain themselves and learn new things every day.

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Physiotherapy and Exercise

We give a great importance in exercise and molibilization of our residents’ fitness and quality of life.

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Working in Aktios

Healthy working environment, training, opportunities of evolution, private insurance because we want the best!

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Special Services

  • Consultative centre for Dementia
  • Short-time accommodation
  • Day-care centre
  • Care at home program
  • Living Unit for patients with Alzheimer
  • Cognitive Reinforcement in Aktios or the Community
  • Specialized Nursing care unit

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17, Ipirou St. Agia Paraskevi
Tel.: +30210 6515268, +30216 9001034


Aktios Alzheimer

Aktios Alzheimer unit
17, Ipirou St. Agia Paraskevi
Tel.: +30210 6523623, +30216 9001034


Aktios Odigos

Aktios Odigos
Vari Avenue, Vari Attica (ex SEO building)
Tel.: +302108973614, +302108971413


Art Palace

Aktios Art Palace
55, Pentelis St. Maroussi
Tel.:+30210 8022912, +30 21080 26615


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