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Specialization in Dementia
and Interventions

With specialisation and interventions about dementia we suggest a new care model for Greece and Europe.

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Strokes and
Fractures Care

With the equipment, the
expertise and the well trained partners we cope with fractures and strokes.

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Cognitive Empowerment
and Assessment

With mental empowerment, assessment and activities we reinforce the place and time orientation.

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Dynamic Care

The dynamic model we follow aims at the occupation and
the mobilization of our

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Our Instances

Our Partnerships

We cooperate with service groups and educational centers in Greece, Cyprus and other countries.

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Our Events

Our News

  • Aktios Art Palace
  • Visiting Hours in Aktios
  • Day-care centre

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Cooperation with MDN Europe

Aktios Elderly Care Unit in April 2010 became member of MD-Nursing, a European chain specialised in establishing and organising health centres for elderly people suffering from dementia.

MDN Europe consists of a network of luxury nursing homes spread throughout the European continent, which is solely dedicated to the needs of the demented elderly and provides high quality services such as 24-hour care by skilled nurses, physiotherapy, specialized activities, medical supervision and social support for families. Members of the scientific committee of the MDN Europe association are among others the Professors of Psychiatry of Tel Aviv University, Dr. Michael Davidson and Dr. Shlomo Noy and the Professor and Chairman of Psychiatry of the Complutense University in Madrid, Dr. Juan J. Lopez-Ibor. The goal of this endeavor is to operate 2.500 nursing beds over the next 5 years in the major population centres of countries such as Greece, Spain, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Czech Republic.

The cooperation between Aktios and MDN Europe marks a new reality in demented elderly care in Greece. The continuous update of services and application of quality standards is achieved under the supervision of an international scientific board of dementia experts.

Our commitment is to constantly be improved, to provide reliable and innovative health services for the elderly, and the people suffering from dementia, always from a humanitarian perspective.

MDN Europe Limited, New Cavendish Street, London W1W 6XD, United Kingdom. www.md-nursing.com

Cooperation with Daily Rehabilitation Center "Iatriki Askisi"

Iatriki Askisi enables the provision of specialized services to residents of Aktios Odigos which include:

  • Medical examination by a qualified and experienced doctor of physical medicine and rehabilitation
  • Physiotherapy care
  • Therapeutic exercise-training
  • Ergo therapy
  • Logo therapy
  • Psychological support
  • Nutritional support
  • Mental Empowerment
  • Support patients (guarding, escorting, nursing care).

Cooperation with Materia

Beginning its operation in 2007 Aktios has also begun its close cooperation with MATERIA GROUP. MATERIA GROUP creates and develops constantly pioneer activities for elderly in Cyprus. At MATERIA care and rehabilitation units is offered qualitative care, socialisation, pleasure and numerous treatments as well as completed rehabilitation programs with trained physiotherapists, ergo therapist, music therapist, psycho gerontologist, psychologist and logo therapist. At MATERIA are also offered day and short time accommodation, training services of carers (Cyprian and foreigner) and nursing services for patients outside the units.

Aktios’ and MATERIA’s GROUP cooperation depends on fields of scientific information and innovative application, personnel’s training and on development of new services. The MATERIA director Mrs Marina Polikarpou is Psychologist- Gerontologist and member of the scientific committee of Aktios.

MATERIA, Athalassis 21, 2221 Latsia, Nicosia, Cyprus. www.materia.com.cy

Educative Co operations

The goal, for all of us who work in Aktios, is to stay updated on developments in our field and at the same time, inform the closer and broader social network. Since the beginning of its operation Aktios has been participating in activities related to the elderly, people with Alzheimer and related disorders. We participate actively in the actions and programs organized by the NGO 50plus Hellas and Athens’ Association of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders. From 2007 on, we participate in the training of volunteers in social care that work in units and educational programs of the Greek Red Cross.

Aktios has become an educational setting, for health and caring professionals from numerous academic institutions and organizations in Greece and abroad. Throughout its operation several politicians, representatives of Ministries, representatives of universities and public schools, students and members of non-governmental companies and institutions have visited the unit for learning our know-how. The way the unit is organised and the dynamic model of care consists reference position for our visitors and works as a model for the development of correlated structures in Greece and abroad.

Today we continue our former cooperation with colleges and schools of humanity studies whereas new cooperation comes up with schools of paramedics occupations. Aktios is an internship setting for students of T.E.I of Nursing in Athens and of speech therapy in Kalamata as well as students of Physiotherapy. In this frame of training our cooperation with institutions of alternatives interventional treatment such as dance therapy, drama therapy and theatrical game is continued.

European Program- Certificate of elderly care

The Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry participated as a partner in the “Elderly Care Vocational Skill Building and Certification” Project that is co-financed by the European Committee under the framework of the Leonardo Da Vinci program.

As part of this project that begun on October 2008 was the creation of a professional qualification system that awards the participants with the Elderly Care Vocational Skill Building Certificate in the domain of Health and Welfare.

This training makes use of the electronic learning program that was developed as part of the Project “Elderly Carer Training” (2005-2007) and provides the opportunity to obtain a new educational qualification, with essential professional value, on a level of post-secondary education (ISCED 4VOC).

With the participation of local partners, nursing homes, volunteer organisations of elderly care, local authorities etc,a non profitable “Urban Observatory for Elderly Care” has been created on a regional level aiming to disseminate the relevant information and to find potential trainees.

Theoretical training and practical exercise are provided for free and take place in “Aktios” Elderly Care Units (Ag. Paraskeyi) and “Nea Thalpi” (Ag. Stefanos Attica), units selected by the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry and SBIE Centre of Vocational Training.

Those of you who are interested in participating in this innovative project please express your interest by sending an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your personal information or by calling on 210 41.70.529.

ΑνάδContractor of this project is the Cypriot company Trisys and partners:

  • Amalgama Information Management Ltd and Strovolos Municipal Multi-Functional Foundation (CYPRUS)
  • Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry and SBIE Centre of Vocational Training (GREECE)
  • Fundation Docete Omnes and the Spanish Confederation of Education and Training Centres (SPAIN)
  • School of Social Welfare of PECS University and CARITAS Foundation of social contribution (HUNGARY)
  • Centre of Gerontology, University of Vilnius and Centre of Socialisation and Professional Training (LITHUANIA)

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Activities in Aktios

Our residents play, occupy themselves, participate, entertain themselves and learn new things every day.

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Physiotherapy and Exercise

We give a great importance in exercise and molibilization of our residents’ fitness and quality of life.

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Working in Aktios

Healthy working environment, training, opportunities of evolution, private insurance because we want the best!

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Special Services

  • Consultative centre for Dementia
  • Short-time accommodation
  • Day-care centre
  • Care at home program
  • Living Unit for patients with Alzheimer
  • Cognitive Reinforcement in Aktios or the Community
  • Specialized Nursing care unit

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Aktios Alzheimer

Aktios Alzheimer unit
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Art Palace

Aktios Art Palace
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