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Specialization in Dementia
and Interventions

With specialisation and interventions about dementia we suggest a new care model for Greece and Europe.

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Strokes and
Fractures Care

With the equipment, the
expertise and the well trained partners we cope with fractures and strokes.

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Cognitive Empowerment
and Assessment

With mental empowerment, assessment and activities we reinforce the place and time orientation.

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Dynamic Care

The dynamic model we follow aims at the occupation and
the mobilization of our

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Our Instances

Our Partnerships

We cooperate with service groups and educational centers in Greece, Cyprus and other countries.

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Our Events

Our News

  • Aktios Art Palace
  • Visiting Hours in Aktios
  • Day-care centre

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All of as in Aktios’ elderly care units know the importance of life as well as living with quality. That is what we call quality of life, a notion elderly people can easily be deprived of.

Aktios’ units, possibly the most specialized centres of long-term care for demented patients in Greece, follow a dynamic model of operation. With frequent changes in decoration, according to the season we , many different activities and occupations, colours, light and music, we manage to create a place of hospitality for demented patients that is full of life and resembles more to a day nursery than to an elderly care unit. We present this model of operation to specialized scientists and colleagues from Europe, China and the United States of America, who visit often to see how this is applied in our country.

Our main concern is to maintain the home environment, and provide a care setting where residents and guests feel as safe and comfortable as they would at home, while at the same time enjoy hospitality and specialised psychogeriatric services. We aim that Aktios has the atmosphere and the energy of a kindergarten, that is a place of life and health rather than a conventional elderly care unit.

With our Recreational Activity groups, Occupational Therapy groups, Cognitive Training groups and Psychotherapeutic groups, the quality of our services, the refurbishment of the Unit’s inner spaces and with our special care and attitude we try to defend the right to the quality of life.

We always strive for the self- evident: to secure quality health services and quality of life for our elderly residents.

In order to achieve the desired result, we organise training seminars for our unit personnel, we get updated regarding scientific progresses and applications, we enhance communication among our staff (via frequent gathering of personnel and constant training), and we are always in contact with the world around us.

Partners in that are you and your beloved relatives. We always depend on your help and support so we can become better, and we always welcome your recommendations and ideas.

Contact: You may contact us at Aktios’ Elderly Care Units for any issue that may concern yourself, a family person or a friend .You may also visit our facilities daily and weekends from 09:00 to 21:00 for direct information.
Aktios and Aktios Alzheimer Unit: 17 Ipirou St., Agia Paraskevi, Tel. +30 2106515268 and +30 2169001034. email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Aktios ART Palace: 55 Pentelis St., Marousi, Tel. +30 2108022912 and +30 2108026615. email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Aktios Odigos: 157, Vari Avenue, Vari Attica. Tel.: +302108973614, +302108971413. email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Activities in Aktios

Our residents play, occupy themselves, participate, entertain themselves and learn new things every day.

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Physiotherapy and Exercise

We give a great importance in exercise and molibilization of our residents’ fitness and quality of life.

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Working in Aktios

Healthy working environment, training, opportunities of evolution, private insurance because we want the best!

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Special Services

  • Consultative centre for Dementia
  • Short-time accommodation
  • Day-care centre
  • Care at home program
  • Living Unit for patients with Alzheimer
  • Cognitive Reinforcement in Aktios or the Community
  • Specialized Nursing care unit

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17, Ipirou St. Agia Paraskevi
Tel.: +30210 6515268, +30216 9001034


Aktios Alzheimer

Aktios Alzheimer unit
17, Ipirou St. Agia Paraskevi
Tel.: +30210 6523623, +30216 9001034


Aktios Odigos

Aktios Odigos
Vari Avenue, Vari Attica (ex SEO building)
Tel.: +302108973614, +302108971413


Art Palace

Aktios Art Palace
55, Pentelis St. Maroussi
Tel.:+30210 8022912, +30 21080 26615


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