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Specialization in Dementia
and Interventions

With specialisation and interventions about dementia we suggest a new care model for Greece and Europe.

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Strokes and
Fractures Care

With the equipment, the
expertise and the well trained partners we cope with fractures and strokes.

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Cognitive Empowerment
and Assessment

With mental empowerment, assessment and activities we reinforce the place and time orientation.

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Dynamic Care

The dynamic model we follow aims at the occupation and
the mobilization of our

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Our Instances

Our Partnerships

We cooperate with service groups and educational centers in Greece, Cyprus and other countries.

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Our News

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  • Visiting Hours in Aktios
  • Day-care centre

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The most important capital of Aktios is its personnel, namely everyone that makes our dreams for quality of care and life come true with love and professionalism. We respect those people; we take them into consideration and protect them. Our people receive salaries above the national collective agreements. Their labor rights are defended. They participate in training seminars and we encourage communication among our staff and continuous education. Since October 2014 our employees enjoy a group insurance health contract.

Here are some information about our executives and our consultants:

Dr. Costis ProuskasDr. Costis Prouskas is a Psychologist with a Master’s Degree (MSc) in Psychological Assessment in Organisations (Goldsmiths, London) and a doctorate (PhD) in Gerontology (King's College London). He has been the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Aktios SA since 2007. He has worked for many years in Relax Palace Elderly Care Unit, in Maroussi, as a Psychologist. From 2002 to February 2007 he served as the Scientific Director of 2 Psychosocial Rehabilitation Units of the Non-for-profit Organization "KLIMAKA " in Corfu ( a Psychogeriatric Unit and a Severe Mental Retardation Unit) with full responsibility for staffing, organization and operation; and for one and a half year as Scientific Director of a Severe Mental Retardation Unit in Upper Alissos, Achaia. He has worked in several European projects such as EUROFAMCARE, AGEInc, ACME-Plus and COPE and has served as an expert for Older Women in the Program "PROGRESS for disadvantaged groups" of the Hellenic General Secretariat for Gender Equality. His research interests include ageing and dementia, family caring, training for families with dementia, the organisation and management of health and welfare units, assessment techniques and quantitative research methods. He is a founding member of the Non-Profit Organisation “50plus Hellas” and of the Athens Association of Alzheimer Disease and Related Disorders. He is the Special Secretary of the Hellenic Association of Geriatrics & Gerontology.
Trifonopoulos StathisTrifonopoulos Stathis holds a Bsc (Hons) in Psychology from the University of Northumbria at Newcastle and a Msc in Psychology & Health from Stirling University in Scotland. He graduated from the four-year training program in Gestalt Psychotherapy at the Gestalt Foundation. Since 2000, he has extensive experience in working with people with dementia and also with carers in Care Homes and Day Centers. From 1999 to 2002, he worked as an administrative employee and a training psychologist in Relax Palace Elderly Care Unit in Maroussi. In 2003 he worked at the Dementia Day Center in Tillicoultry, Scotland, member of the Alzheimer's Scotland association. From February 2007 to February 2013 he worked as a psychologist at the Athens Alzheimer’s Association Day Center for dementia patients at Mets. He worked at Aktios Psychosocial Sector from November 2007 up to October 2009. From 2009 onwards, while he was still working with patients with dementia, he began working as a psychotherapist in the private Center for Psychotherapy & Expression En-Dia-Fero. In February 2013 he returned to Aktios as Head of the Psychosocial Sector and Assistant Director.
Artemis ProuskaArtemis Prouska studied Mathematics at the Aristotelian University of Thessalonica. She worked in Relax Palace Elderly Care Unit from 1995 to 2012 as Head Administration. In 2013 she undertook duties of Director at Art Palace Elderly Care Unit. From November 2014 she is the Deputy Director of Aktios. She speaks French and English.

Nursing sector

Mrs. Vaso AthanasiouMrs. Vaso Athanasiou Nurse and Health Visitor, is a graduate of the Nursing and Health Visitors School. She works as a Head Nurse at Aktios since November 2007, coming from the Unit that existed before Aktios, My Home, where she worked for 9 years. She has also worked in the Health Centre Palama at Karditsa’s Hospital, at Sismanoglio Hospital, at PIKPA (home for sick people) and the Neurological Clinic Liapopoulou. She is a certified first aid rescuer (emergency first aid at work). Since November 2014 she has been promoted to Aktios’ Director of Nursing Sector.
Mr. Anestis - Spyridon KaripidisMr. Anestis - Spyridon Karipidis is a nursing graduate as well as graduate from the School of Early Childhood Care. He has been working at Aktios as a Head Nurse since November 2007. Previously, he was employed at Relax Palace Elderly Care Unit in Marousi, the Athens Alzheimer Society Day-Care Centre, and the Klimaka NGO in Corfu, as a head nurse in a residential care unit for people with severe mental retardation. He participated in a three-month intense training program, supervised by the ministry of health, that involved theoretical and practical training in Denmark (care rehabilitation and hospitality for people with learning physical and learning disabilities) and also in Agios Dimitrios long-term care mental health centre in Thessaloniki, and the Psychiatric Hospital in Corfu. In January 2017 he participated as a consultant to the National Meeting for the validation of the "Professional Skills for the Nursing Care" under the program HealthCareEurope. Since November 2014 he has been promoted to Aktios’ Director of Nursing Sector.
Dora KoliousiDora Koliousi graduated from the TEE as a second assistant nurse and received her training for six months in urological and surgical clinic of Evaggelismos Hospital. She has joined AKTIOS since 2008 and has been promoted to Head Nurse in 2015. She has attended several seminars and holds certification for CPR and the use of portable defibrillators and she is a certified first aid rescuer (emergency first aid at work).
Eleni EpitropakiEleni Epitropaki started working for Relax Palace E.C.U in 1988 and in 2007 she undertook duties of shift manager. At the same time she worked in Aktios E.C.U as responsible of afternoon shifts from 2008 to 2012. Mrs Epitropaki is a certified rescuer holding the “Emergency first aid at work” certification. She has been working in Aktios Art Palace as a Deputy Head Nurse since 01.02.2013.
Mrs Frosso VeraMrs Frosso Vera is a graduate of the Nursing Department of the University of Peloponnese and she has a MSc degree in "Health Care administration and Crisis Management" specialized in "Emergency Health Care". From 2011 up to 2014 she was assistant head nurse in the elderly care unit "Mystral Melathron" in Sparta. She holds certifications in informatics and she speaks English, German and Spanish. Additionally, she is certified in Advanced Assessment and Treatment of Trauma (American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons) and in BLS / AED Provider Course (European Resuscitation Council). In 2010 voluntarily participated in the first-aid station "SPARTATHLON". Since 2015 Mrs Vera holds position Head Nurse in Elderly Care Unit Aktis Art Palace.
Marianna ChitouMarianna Chitou is a graduate Nurse of the Technological Educational Institution of Epirus based in Ioannina. She completed her internship at the General Hospital of Ioannina G. Hatzikostas as well as her clinical practice at the Society for the Promotion of Mental Health of Epirus and at the Rehabilitation Center of Ioannina. In 2013, he worked on the Help at Home program. She holds Certificates in Computer, English and First Aid Certification. From August 2014 to March 2018, she worked as a Nurse in the Aktios & Aktios Alzheimer’s Elderly Care Units where since April 2018 she has been Head Nurse. From August 2018 since May 2019 she was working as a Head Nurse at Golden Care Elderly Care Unit. From May 2019 to January 2020 he worked in the Endoscopic Department of the Athens Medical Center in Marousi, while from February 2020 he holds the position of Head Nurse in Aktios Odigos Elderly Care Unit at Vari.
Mr Vassilis DrouliskosMr Vassilis Drouliskos is a nurse graduate from the Technological and Educational Institute of Athens and carried out the practice in the General Hospital of Attica. He has worked as a Shift Manager in Elderly Care Unit and as a volunteer nurse at the General Hospital of Nikaia. He holds certification in first aid. Since September 2015 holds the position of Head Nurse in the Aktios Elderly Care Unit in Vari.
Lampros SerpanosΜr Lampros Serpanos is a nurse graduate from the Technological and Educational Institute of Lamia. He has worked as a Shift Manager in general Clinic Ippokratio and for ten years as nurse instructor at the General Hospital of Athens G.Gennimatas. He holds certification in first aid and he has presented works at many nursing sessions. Since February 2019 holds the position of Deputy Head Nurse in the Elderly Care Unit Aktios and Aktios Alzheimer Unit in Agia Paraskevi.
Mrs Ioanna KatsarouMrs Ioanna Katsarou is a graduate Nurse from the Technological and Educational Institute of Athens and completed her internship at the “Hippocrateion” Hospital of Athens. She has previously worked in Elderly Care Units.She has also worked in the Social Service of Vari-Voula-Vouliagmeni at the homecare department. She has attended many seminars on the elderly and she holds a first aid certification. Since August 2016 Mrs Katsarou is an assistant Head Nurse at the Aktios Elderly Care Unit in Vari.
Mrs Anna RizahMrs Anna Rizah is a nursing graduate from the Institute of vocational training “AKMI” and completed her internships at the Hospital 'Sotiria' ', the Athens Medical Center and the Hospital “Metaxas”. She has attended many nursing conferences and workshops. She worked at “Aktios” Elderly Care Units since January 2008. In March 2015 she was promoted as Shift Manager at “Aktios” Elderly Care units in Aghia Paraskevi and she actually is Assistant Head Nurse in Aktios Elderly Care Unit in Vari.
Ioannis TheologidisMr Ioannis Theologidis is a graduate of the Nursing Department of ATEI Athens. He was Assistant Head Nurse at the Center for Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation and Chronic Pain Relief in 2012. He has attended many nursing conferences and workshops and is certified in First Aid. In 2014, he started working as a nurse at Aktios & Aktios Alzheimer Elderly Care Units in Agia Paraskevi, and since September 2018 he is an Assistant Head Nurse.
Georgios ChrysanthopoulosMr Georgios Chrysanthopoulos is a graduate of the Nursing Department of EPAL Pyrgos, with a nurse assistant specialty. He held his practical training at the General Hospital of Pyrgos, where he obtained a license to practice. He then attended the Nursing School of Heraklion, Crete and she completed her internship at the Evangelismos Hospital. At the same time his diploma thesis entitled "Emotional Intelligence in Nursing Administration and Leadership" was published in a scientific journal. In January 2017 he began working as a nurse at Aktios Elderly Care Units. Since June 2017 he has been assigned as Nurse-Head Shift and since September 2018 is an Assistant Head Nurse of Aktios & Aktios Alzheimer Elderly Care Units.
Irene KatsouliIrene Katsouli graduated from the TEE as a second assistant nurse He has attended several seminars and holds certification for CPR and use of portable defibrillator. She did her six-month internship at the Emergency Department of Voula Asclepieion both in the orthopedic and pathological department. For the next seven years she worked as a Nurse in the Artificial Kidney Unit at Mediterraneo Hospital. In 2015 she started working as a nurse at Aktios Odigos Elderly Care unit and since February 2019 she has been in the position of Assistant Head Nurse in Agia Paraskevi.
Vicky KonstantakouVicky Konstantakou studied Nursing at the Vocational School of the General Hospital of Athens ‘Genimatas’ after obtaining a degree in Political and Social Sciences from Panteio University in Athens. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Healthcare and Social Services Management from Cnam University in France. Her thesis project was titled “Alzheimer’s disease: behavioral problems and strategies for effective communication between patients and healthcare practitioners.” She has worked as an office administrator for the company Icap S.A., as well as for the Directorate General of the Administrative Services Unit of the Ministry for Development. She has participated in a number of conferences and seminars including “Human Rights Management”, “Strengthening of nursing personnel and healthcare services efficiency”, and “The nurse today: from crisis to distinction”. She holds certifications in First Aid by Rescue Training International, computer skills, and English. Since September 2014, she has been working as a nurse in the Aktios & Aktios Alzheimer Elderly Care Units in Agia Paraskevi, and since August 2018 she has assumed the responsibilities of shift supervisor.
Ioannis GeorgiouIoannis Georgiou has studied at chef school Le Monde and has worked for two years in the company LOUIS CRETA PRINCESS at Chania. From 1998 to 01.02.2013 worked in Relax Palace. He works in Art Palace since 01.02.2013.

Psychosocial sector

Mr. Anthonis SpanosMr. Anthonis Spanos is a psychologist. He holds a degree in Paedagogics and Philosophy and a degree in Psychology from the University of Athens. He has been trained in psychotherapy at Athens Synthesis Centre and the Greek Society for Research and Behaviour. He participated in Psychargos psychiatric reform, initially working as a psychologist in a Psychosocial Rehabilitation Unit in the area of Korydallos. From 2010 he worked as a supervisor in an information and support line and also in a support center for people with major psychiatric disorders. In 2012 he became a scientific director at the non-for-profit organization Anima. Since 2012 he has been working with the company Hellaseap, as a crisis management consultant and also as partner of the psychology center, offering lectures and seminars. He operates a private office in Elefsina and Nikea. In September 2013 he became a full time psychologist at Aktios Elderly Care Units.
Mrs Lina NikolaidouMrs Lina Nikolaidou is a psychology graduate from the University of Crete in Rethymno. She attended a 3-month training under the "Psychargo" programm that included theoretical training and training in Denmark for the care, rehabilitation and accommodation for people with learning, physical and mental disabilities, as well as internships in KE.PE.P " Agios Dimitrios "and the Psychiatric Hospital of Corfu. She worked as a trainer for the staff of the Psychiatric Hospital of Corfu in cooperation with the Research Department of the University Institute of Mental Health (E.P.I.PS.Y). She also worked in 2 Psychosocial Rehabilitation Units of the Non-profit Organization "KLIMAKA" in Corfu (psycho-geriatric and Severe Mental Retardation unit) and the Social Care Centre for Persons with Mental Retardation " I stegi tis E.G.N.Y.A". She is trainer of the “school for parents” under the Youth Foundation and Lifelong Education Ministry Learning in co-operation with the Gordon Training International and Gordon Hellas for conducting seminars on "Training the Effective Parent" and "The Education of Effective Teacher" by Thomas Gordon. Ms Nikolaidou is a certified coordinator of the Parenting Schools for the emotional education organised by Dr Maria Chourdaki. She is a graduate student of the Master's program "Health Unit Management". Since 2006 she works in private at her psychologist's office and in 2014 she created with the dramatherapist Mania Siriopoulos a specialized Space for Creative Learning and Therapy for teenagers, children and adults in Lavrion Attica. Since April 2015 she works as a psychologist in Aktios Elderly Care Unit in Vari and as the coordinator of the Unit.
Mrs Irene StamatelliMrs Irene Stamatelli graduated as a social worker from the Technological and Educational Institute of Athens and she is specialized in Counseling at the School of Pedagogical and Technological Education. She worked as a Social Worker in the social association "Eu zein" in Egaleo for the psychosocial support for patients with mental disorders. She also worked at the City of Athens in department of Social Welfare and Health and at the City of Kallithea to the Education Department. She has attended several seminars and conferences related to Social Work and has presented in a day-conference organised by the city of Athens the issue “Domestic Violence and the women’s European Lobby”. From July 2015 she works at the Aktios Elderly Care Units in Aghia Paraskevi as a Social Worker.
Konstantinos KostasKonstantinos Kostas is a Mental Health Counselor. Ηe studied at the Center of Applied Psychotherapy and Counseling in Athens and he is specialized in Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy and in Special Education at the University of Aegean. Ηe did volunteer work at Caritas Athens Hellas and got engaged with vulnerable social groups, teaching Greek language and providing personal and group counselling. From May 2018 he is currently employed at Aktios Odigos in Vari as a Counsellor of Mental Health May 2018.
Mr Paschalis KaragkivroudisMr Paschalis Karagkivroudis is a Physiotherapist Graduate of the Technological Education Institute of Lamia and was trained in the National Institution for the Rehabilitation of Handicapped. In 2008 he worked in the Rehabilitation Centre “Attiki Iatriki”( P.M.R.), where he specialized in orthopedic and neurological incidents. From 2009 to 2012 he collaborated with Peristeri’s Gymnastics Club in the Swimming section. Since December 2012 he has been an associate in “Art Palace” Elderly Care Unit in Marousi and in May 2014 he joined Aktios as a Physiotherapist. Since January 2017 he is the coordinator of Aktios Elderly Care Unit in Marousi.
Mr Sotiris FotopoulosMr Sotiris Fotopoulos graduated from the Physiotherapy department of Technological and Educational institution of Lamia, is a certified therapist of the Mulligan concept (Certified Mulligan Practitioner) for the treatment of the musculoskeletal system and expert therapist (Otago Exercise Programme Leader) for preventing falls to older people. He did his internship in the General Hospital KAT working with a variety of musculoskeletal and neurological patients in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. In 2011 he worked in several football teams in Ilioupoli and in 2012 worked as a professor at Institute of vocational training in Vari. In 2013 he worked at the Elderly home in Kifisia, while in the same year is a research associate IKEA sleep ergonomics. From March 2015 he belongs to the team of Aktios Odigos as a Physiotherapist.
Nikos CharalambousNikos Charalambous is physiotherapist, holder of Bsc (Hons) in Physiotherapy from Queen Margaret University at Edinburgh Scotland. He received his training in Athens Medical Center in 2012-2013 working mainly with incidents of respiratory problems, musculoskeletal problems and incidents of sports injuries. At that same year, he also received his training in "FILOKTITIS" therapy and rehabilitation center, specialized in neurological incidents. The academic year 2013-2014 was a trainee physiotherapist in Aktios Elderly Care Units, gaining considerable experience and knowledge by working with patients with dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases. From November 2014 he belongs to the team of Aktios Elderly Care Units as Physiotherapist. Since June 2020, he has been the coordinator of the Aktios Odigos Elderly Care Unit in Vari.
Marianti KastaniaMarianti Kastania is a psychologist, studied in the Department of Philosophy, Education and Psychology, specialized in Psychology at the University of Ioannina. She holds a master's degree (MA) in Counseling Psychology from City University of Seattle. She attended a series of seminars on counseling psychology at the Society for Psychosocial Health of Children and Adolescents (EPSYPE). She was trained in Marte Meo's technique, which is focused on positive guidance skills, increasing concentration, developing security relationships and positive self-image, etc (Marte Meo Practitioner). She has done her practice in Aktios Odigos for a year. She has participated in volunteer activities in the non-profit organization "Praxis", where she was mainly occupied on teaching Greek language to refugees and immigrants. She also participated in groups aiming at the mental empowerment of elderly people in the 1st KAPI of Ilioupoli for one year. She is a graduate in the joint postgraduate program "Management of Aging and Chronic Diseases" of the Hellenic Open University with the Medical School of Thessaly. She works as a psychologist at Aktios Elderly Care Units in Vari since December 2018.
Konstantina VoutirakiMrs Konstantina Voutiraki is a Social Worker, graduate of the Department of Sciences of Social Work of Technological Educational University of Patras. Now, she is during to the second year on Master of Science in Person Centred Counselling and Psychotherapy. She was trained on elderly people, in Konstantopoulio, elderly care of Patras, in T.Y.P.E.T. the Greek acronym for the Mutual Health Fund of National Bank of Greece Personnel, in Center for Male Child Care, Skagiopoulio of Patras, and in Experimental High School of Patras. She was attended seminars about bereavement, self-destruction and suicidality. From December 2018 she works at the Aktios Elderly Care Units in Marousi as a Social Worker.
Mr. Alexios KotsorisMr. Alexios Kotsoris studied acting at drama school "RAMPA", as well as acting and directing at the "Theatre of Changes", where he performed master class with Andrea Manolikakis and Michael Devine. Some of the theatre performances he participated are "Tha perasei…", "An Zousa Tora", "Oi Neosylektoi", "Isovia Ksanthia", "Blanching", "Hamlet sto skotadi". Furthermore, he participated in the movies "Horis Synora" and "Nisos 2" and in TV series "Gorgones". Moreover, he has appeared in TV advertisements for "Special Olympics Athens 2011", "Carrefour", "National Bank of Greece", "Pummaro", "OPAP - Joker", "Make a Wish", "LGhere4U", and for the "European Parliament". In addition, he directed various plays like "Tyheros" and "San Brohi" and has founded the "TENTH", 10th contemporary art theatre. He has been organising and coordinating Aktios’ Theatre and Movement Group for people suffering from dementia since June 2011.

Scientific committee

Dr. Michael DavidsonDr. Michael Davidson is a professor at Tel Aviv University with a secondary appointment at the Mount Sinai Medical School in New York City. Dr. Davidson is a major contributor to Alzheimer's disease research, and has published more than 250 papers in the international scientific literature. Since 1999 he has been the CEO of the Alzheimer's disease Center, an internationally-renowned 150-bed upscale facility (http://www.alzheimer.org.il). He is member of the scientific committee of Aktios since April 2010 and he is also a member of the Aktios Board since December 2010.
Shlomo Noy, MD, PhDShlomo Noy, MD, PhD Professor of psychiatry and epidemiology at the Tel Aviv University and international opinion leader in the fields of old age rehabilitation, dementia and health care management. He is the CEO of the Sheba Rehabilitation Hospital (1.000 employees, 700 beds) and VP for R&D, Sheba Medical Center (7.000 employees). Professor Noy is Vice-Chairman of a 250-bed nursing home dedicated to the treatment of frail and demented elderly (www.giladcenter.co.il) and psychogeriatrics consultant of a 700-bed nursing home network with day centers (www.keshetaguda.org.il). Professor Noy is Dean of Ono Health Professional Faculty (physiotherapy, occupational therapy and communication disorders). He is member of the scientific committee of Aktios since April 2010 and he is also a member of the Aktios Board since December 2010.
Prof. Dr. Kimon Volikas MD, PhDProf. Dr. Kimon Volikas MD, PhD is Professor of Geriatrics at St George's University of London in the University of Nicosia Medical School. He graduated from the Medical School of Athens and he received his PhD. He specialized as a Pathologist and trained in Geriatrics and Gerontology at the University G. D 'Annunzio University of Chieti Italy. He was Director of the Medical Department of Military General Hospital 251. He is also founder and Scientific Director of External Geriatric Clinic of the same Hospital during the years 1996-2012. He has been President of the Greek Gerontology and Geriatrics Society and for many years member of the board as a representative of our country in the European Society and the International Society of Gerontology with clinical, teaching, writing and research work. Since January 2015 he is a member of the Scientific Committee of Aktios Elderly Care Units and since March 2015 he is Scientific Director of the Aktios Elderly Care Unit in Vari.
Marina PolukarpouMarina Polukarpou is Psychologist – Gerontologist with post graduates and Master degrees in America and England. She is the General Director of Materia Group in Cyprus. She is member of the British Gerontology Association and the American Psychological Association. She has published papers in scientific magazines and has participated in internationals Gerontologist’s conferences. She has worked in public and private care programs in Cyprus and abroad the last 15 years. She has participated in the board of directors of the non-profit organization Gerontology Research Centre and the Foundation of Youth’s Employment and Training. She is member of Aktios’ Scientific Committee since 2007.
Dr Philippos PapanikolaouDr Philippos Papanikolaou was born in Ioannina in 1969. He studied at the Medical School of Craiova Romania, where he graduated with a very well degree in 1993. He served as an officer in the clinic of Cardiology 401 GSNA under the direction of Mr. Aristogeiton Charalampaki. After the mandatory rural service (Ormylia Halkidiki), he began his training in Internal Pathology, initially at GNN of Halkidiki under the direction of Mr. Edward Hammam, then in the Oncology department and 5th Clinic of Evaggelismos hospital under the direction of Mr. Costas Alexopoulos and Emmanuel Validaki until December 2003. He received the title of Special Pathologist in February 2004 and joined the permanent medical staff of DTHKA YGEIA at home care section (address Mr. Elias Papazisi), Associate Pathologist of the Hematologist - Oncologist Ms. Vassilakis Maria and Responsible of the department of Preventive Medicine. From August 2009 until now he performs the duties of Tutor A’ at the polyclinic in the Olympic Village (direction of Vasileiou Tsoutsou). He is a certified controller Doping E.S.K.A.N from 2003 until today. Alongside he holds a private medical office in Maroussi and he was in charge of medical care in RELAX PALACE Elderly Care Unit under the direction of Ms Georgia Prouska. From September 2010 until 01/09/2012 he offered his services and was involved in the medical team of the Model Elderly Care Unit "AKTIOS" in Agia Paraskevi under the scientific responsibility of the Neurologist Dr. Paraskevi Sakka and the direction of the Psychologist - Gerontology Dr. Konstantinou Prouska. From 01.02.2013 until today he is responsible of th Medical Care in Art Palace Elderly Care Unit.
Dr Vasileios LyrasDr Vasileios Lyras graduated from the University of Milan (faculty of Medicine and Surgery) and specialized in Neurology. From June till September of 2003 he fulfilled his three month of mandatory training as a doctor at a non-urban location at “Molaoi Health Center”. General hospital, and continued working in a management position at Monemvasia’s peripheral Medical office. From January to July of 2005, he had a six month specialty training in pathology at “ΚΥ Μολάων “general hospital and after that another six months of specialty training in Psychiatrics at the psychiatric department of “Konstantopoulio” general hospital “Aghia Olga”. From August 2006 to October 2007 he was working at the night shifts of the psychiatric clinic «Galini», while form November 2007 to August 2011 he specialized in neurology at the Greek Red Cross’s hospital “Korgialenio-Benakio”. Since October of 2012 he maintains a neurologist’s position at the memory and senility office of the Athens Association of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders. At the same time he is cooperating with the private multi-specialty clinic «ΕΥΙΑΤΟΝ» for the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of neurological incidents. Dr. Lyras from July 2013 is a member of the Medical Group and the Scientific Committee of the Aktios Elderly Care Units being responsible for the neurological evaluation and monitoring of the three-unit residents and maintains his private clinic at Ilisia, Athens.
Dr Thomas ManosDr Thomas Manos is a Pathologist graduate from the Medical School of Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, medical director at the NBG staff Health Fund and is specialized in Internal Medicine at 251 Aviation General Hospital. He has an extensive clinical research and he has 10 years of experience at long-term units. Since March 2015 he works as a Pathologist in Aktios Elderly Care Unit in Vari.
Dr Koupidis SotiriosDr Koupidis Sotirios graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki School of Medicine (2000) and the National School of Public Health (MSc in Health Management, 2005). He completed his PhD at the University of Athens School of Medicine in 2011 and received a grade at the rank of “Excellent”. He is Occupational Doctor and his interventions are targeted to maintain Health and Safety in the workplaces. As part of his training he attended a three months specialty training in Occupational Medicine at Mount Sinai Medical School, Department in Epidemiology Center of Occupational and Environmental Health & Mount Sinai Hospital – Selikoff Occupational Medicine Clinic, New York. He was the administrative coordinator of the Administration Task force of the Ministry of Health for the first nation-wide epidemiological surveys for mental disorders in adults. He also worked as a consultant in a WHO Program that supported Health Reforms in the Greek National Health System. Dr Koupidis also has significant teaching experience on subjects such as Human Resources Management, Intercultural Management, Epidemiology and Public Health, Health Services Organization and Management and Healthcare Systems. Mr Sotirios Koupidis was a member of the Scientific and Technical Support Secretariat of the Independent Committee of Special Experts for the Healthcare System (Task Force for Health), with an aim to prepare the final report for the structural changes of the Greek Healthcare System. He has accomplished 14 publications in official journals with a significant Impact Factor, 78 free papers in conferences and 28 attendances in round tables. He has received three awards for most important administrative work, on issues concerning the improvement of functioning of mental health services. Moreover, he has received an honorary scholarship for excellence during his studies at the Department of Healthcare Institution Administration at the Kalamata Technological Educational Institute. Dr. Koupidis works as Occupational Doctor in Aktios since 2015.

Administation and accounting office

Mrs. Koutsouri VoulaMrs. Koutsouri Voula is the head of the Accounting Department of Aktios. She is a graduate of the School of Public Administration of Panteion University. Since 1984, she has held several accounting positions in both industry and the service sectors. From 2005 she works in book keeping (class C books), supervising financial services, and consultating on tax related issues, labor insurance, and affairs of law 2190 companies.
Mr. Dimitris GarbisMr. Dimitris Garbis studied Business Administration in “XINI” Greek College Group. He has attended seminars in management, marketing and public relations. He has worked as a manager at McDonalds Corporation for seven years. He served as Store Manager and Retail Coordinator of open24-Eurobank international banking group. Since November 2007 he is working in Aktios Elderly Care Unit as personnel manager and of building infrastructure.
Mr Fragkiskos ManolikasMr Fragkiskos Manolikas is a Graduate of the Department of Health and Welfare Management of the Athens Technological Educational Institute. In 2006 he was a trainee in the Administrative and Financial Services of the General University Hospital “ATTIKON”, in the Procurement and in the Accounting Department. He has attended many seminars and workshops, such as the 1st International workshop “Finance and Management of Health Departments” and “Business Administration and Modern Management”. From 2002 to 2005 he worked in the central warehouse of “Konstantakatou” Electrical Company, in the Purchasing Department. Since 2008 he has worked in Aktios as an executive assistant and as an assistant of the Accounting Department.
Mrs Helen KaimakasMrs Helen Kaimakas studied economics at the University of Patras. She also holds Master's degree in Applied Economics and Data Analysis from the University of Patras. He has worked in the Global Supplies SA company and has attended several seminars in Financial Accounting from the National University of Athens. Since May 2015 she works as Assistant Accountant in Aktios Elderly Care Units.
Giannis SiafasGiannis Siafas has studied journalism and has trained at the American College of Athens in Management and Financial Products. He is a certified insurance advisor of the Ministry of Development and is certified by the SEC. He has previously worked in Lambrakis Press and ANT1 Group and has served as financial advisor to Alpha Finance and insurance advisor to the National Insurance. He works In Aktios since November 2014 in the Administration department.
Mr Theodore StavrakisMr Theodore Stavrakis graduated from the Faculty of Tourism in 1996. He has worked as a department head at the Carrefour Super Market and was co-owner of the tourist office “Sinista Web". Since October 2015 he works at the administration of the Aktios Elderly Care Unit in Vari.
Marina ManikaMarina Manika is a graduate of the Department of Dietary Applications and holds a state certification (2005). She did her internship at the Korgialenio-Benakeio Hospital of the Red Cross. He worked as an assistant dietitian at Iasso General Hospital and then worked at the "Silhouette" beauty center. He has participated in various conferences and workshops. She is also a graduate of IEK Elliniko with the specialty of Nursing Care Assistant and a professional certification (2018). She did her internship at the 1st Public Nursery of Glyfada. She also worked in kindergarten as a parallel support educator. Since April 2019, he has been working at the Aktios Odigos Elderly Care Unit in Vari, in the Administration Department.
Konstantinos AristeidouKonstantinos Aristeidou graduated from the Department of Commerce and Advertising of the School of Management and Economics of the TEI of Athens. He has completed his internship at OTE in the Department of Service Management and Operation. He has attended various Marketing and Tourism seminars by the Xinis Educational Group and the Mediterranean College, as well as the "Event Wise" at the Olde Vechte Foundation in the Netherlands with thematic sections such as team management and business plan development. He has worked as a private employee and head of various hospitality companies in Greece and abroad. Since March 2020, he has been working at the Aktios Odigos Elderly Care Unit in Vari, in the Administration Department.


Avivi Perelman (LLB)Avivi Perelman (LLB) He is former partner at S. Friedman & Co., specialized in Financing, M&A and Real Estate; Legal Counsel and VP for business development at Dankner Group, leading BOT and PPP projects in central and eastern Europe; Manager of real estate investments in Europe for private equity funds. He has been Vice President of Aktios since December 2010.
Mr. Kostas StergiopoulosMr. Kostas Stergiopoulos is the Chief Operating Officer of Mediterraneo Hospital and the Management Advisor of Aktios. In Greece he has served as Financial Director of SYMETRΙΑ S.A, and ADVANCED MEDICAL SERVICES S.A., President and General Manager of the North Aegean Regional Health Care System, General Manager of White Cross Hospital in Pireus, Administrative Director of Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center and Iaso Matternity Hospital. During his 18 year stay in the United States, he has served as Director of Information Systems for Thomason General Hospital and Columbia / HCA Helthcare System in El Paso, and taught Statistics and Information Systems at University of Texas at El Paso. He holds an Μ.Β.Α., a B.Sc. in Psycology and a B.Sc. in Mathematics from the University of Texas at El Paso. He is fluent in English and Spanish. www.kstergiopoulos.blogspot.com
Mr. Katrakazis EliasMr. Katrakazis Elias holds a degree from the Athens University of Economics and the Department of Business Administration with specialisation in accounting and finance. He has conducted business plans for the creation and operation of Rehabilitation Centres. He has has been financial advisor of Aktios since 2008.
Mrs. Tefta kiriakou – TsialaMrs. Tefta kiriakou – Tsiala graduated in 1989 from the faculty of law of the University of Athens. She has been involved with issues of civil and family law, especially from the International Private Law perspective as well as with the law of private insurance, referring both to the insurance contract and to the insurance company, with an emphasis put on civil medical responsibility. On December of 1994 she began her own law practice, and since then she has been involved with private insurance, commercial, family, medical responsibility, bioethics, telecommunications, labor and civil law. She works as a legal advisor for companies that provide medical and related services. She is also legal advisor on telecommunication services.

Activities in Aktios

Our residents play, occupy themselves, participate, entertain themselves and learn new things every day.

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Physiotherapy and Exercise

We give a great importance in exercise and molibilization of our residents’ fitness and quality of life.

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Working in Aktios

Healthy working environment, training, opportunities of evolution, private insurance because we want the best!

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Special Services

  • Consultative centre for Dementia
  • Short-time accommodation
  • Day-care centre
  • Care at home program
  • Living Unit for patients with Alzheimer
  • Cognitive Reinforcement in Aktios or the Community
  • Specialized Nursing care unit

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17, Ipirou St. Agia Paraskevi
Tel.: +30210 6515268, +30216 9001034


Aktios Alzheimer

Aktios Alzheimer unit
17, Ipirou St. Agia Paraskevi
Tel.: +30210 6523623, +30216 9001034


Aktios Odigos

Aktios Odigos
Vari Avenue, Vari Attica (ex SEO building)
Tel.: +302108973614, +302108971413


Art Palace

Aktios Art Palace
55, Pentelis St. Maroussi
Tel.:+30210 8022912, +30 21080 26615


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